Africa Business Forum and Expo

I was privileged to represent Istanbul Foreigners investment Centre (IYMER) at the The Africa Business Forum and Expo which was held from Tuesday 29th to 31 of August at Pullman Hotel in Istanbul. Africa Business Forum and Expo in Turkey is an annual event that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders from African and Turkey to drive economic growth and prosperity.

Stepping into the vibrant atmosphere of the fair, we engaged with trendsetting domains, enlightening seminars, enriching workshops, and awe-inspiring fashion shows. These arenas seamlessly amalgamated design brilliance, interactive experiences, and the realm of digital transformation. Notably, subjects like smart clothing, technical textiles, and sustainability stood at the forefront of the discourse.

At the heart of the fair, I encountered manufacturers who harboured aspirations of global export under the banner of their distinctive brands. Equally noteworthy were the vital supply companies, extending their services to every corner of the world through their diverse collections. The fair served as a nexus for over 60 companies, encompassing a spectrum that ranged from women’s and men’s clothing to baby and children’s apparel, construction materials, machines, medical tourism, medicines, ecofriendly plastic materials as well beauty products and accessories.

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