’93 percent of foreigners investing in Turkey hold real estate’

Real Estate Overseas Promotion Association (GİGDER) announced the results of its field research to measure the tendencies and expectations of foreign investors.

According to the research, which measures the interest of foreign investors in real estate in Turkey, in the survey in which investors from 48 countries participated; 92.7% of the investors who buy real estate in Turkey continue to hold their real estate.

According to the research, which revealed that the average ownership period is 5.7 years, only 1 out of 4 foreigners investing in Turkey seeks citizenship. These data show that despite everything, foreigners invest in real estate in Turkey with confidence, and citizenship is not the only factor that determines the investment decision.

In the research, the average amount paid by foreign investors for the types of real estate purchased in Turkey is stated as 161,500 dollars, while the figure is only 150,750 dollars in the housing segment.

‘Foreigners look at the Turkish real estate market with confidence’
In the statement made by GIGDER, “Foreign investors spend 2.8 months/year in Turkey, and the number of real estate is 1.66. In other words, foreigners look at the Turkish real estate market with confidence despite all the negativities in the global markets.”

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