GSM Business Solutions Partners with Istanbul Foreign and Investment Center

Istanbul Foreign and Investment Center (IYMER) and GSM Business Solutions have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to collaborate on mutually agreed activities in different sectors including Fishery, Livestock, Agriculture, Business Development, Energy, and Investment Management.

As IYMER to improve the bilateral trade and investment cooperation between Somalia and Turkey to promote economic growth and we’re excited to be working with GSM to strengthen. Working with GSM to ensure the exchange of expertise, resources, projects and incentives, as well as bilateral and multilateral economic and commercial issues, is an exciting development for our company. This partnership improves our services.

About IYMER Istanbul Foreign and Investment Center is based in Turkey and offers multi dimensional consultancy to international investors and internationalizing Turkish SME’s by multinational partnerships. The company operates in the fields of investment management, business development management, migration management and event management. For more information about IYMER, visit its website at

About GSM GSM Business Solutions is a private company, registered and operating in Somalia with headquarters based in Mogadishu. It offers comprehensive business support services in the form of tailored business advice, guidance, and support, at all stages of the business life cycle. For more information about GSM, visit its website at  

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